Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Can't I Stay on Top Forever?

And away we go...

It's 6:20 and our 6:00 pick-up for our next stop is officially late. He is "taking breakfast" even though the 6:00 start was his idea. Something to grin and bear along the lines of the 3 hour dinner we had last night in an otherwise nearly-empty restaurant....

But that's just the early morning grumps talking.

It's amazing that we're about to leave this place. There have been so many ups, so many frustrations, so many wonderful people met - both Kenyan and American - enough to hold us through until the next time we find ourselves here at IU House in Eldoret.

For now, though, it's off in a safari van to Masai Mara for a few nights, then to Mombasa, then London for a few nights on the way home with a quick jaunt into Paris somewhere in between.

It's been an incredible journey that's only half over. It will be fun to see just what lies on the other side.